A Green Solution and Creative Septic Design

Septic Problem:

Artesa Vineyards and Winery, a popular Winery in Napa, California wish to lower their impact on the environment. After years of research to find the best green septic solution for their situation.  They chose Superior On-Site Solution and the Hoot Septic Treatment System. 

Septic Solution:

RSA, Civil Engineers in Napa California created a septic design based upon 2400 gallons per day usage. Utilizing two (2) Hoot H-1000 BNR Advanced Septic Treatment tanks, the ACT-2000 Self Cleaning Filtration System for extra treatment and a four (4) zone effluent field for normal use while retaining the old effluent field for emergencies or as needed. 

Project Details

RSA Civil Engineering
RSA Napa, CA

Regulator Authority

Napa County California

Primary Treatment
Hoot H-1000 BNR Advanced Wastewater Treatment Tank

Secondary Treatment
ACT-2000 Self Cleaning Filtration System

Dispersal Method
four (4) zone effluent field

Superior On-Site Solutions

California Wineries protected by SOS and Hoot

  • B-Cellars Winery
  • Kenzo Winery
  • Kendall Family Winery
  • Fortunai Family Winery
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