Mound Replacement


A complete remediation of the site was required due to failed mound septic system.


Complete removal of the failed mound system was required.  This included scaping the entire site to ensure the best soil condition for the new system.  Once the site was prepared a Hoot BNR H600 Advanced Wastewater Treatment Tank was installed along with GeoFlow Tubing as the dispersal method.  Due to the Hoot’s “one tank” design, installation only took two days.  One day for the delivery and the next day for the tank connections.

Project Details

Project Engineer
Marc Lindbloom R.E.H.S
Lindbloom Septic Design

Regulator Authority
Sacramento County California

Primary Treatment
Hoot BNR H600 Advanced Wastewater Treatment Tank

Secondary Treatment
None Needed or Required

Dispersal Method
Geoflow Drip Tubing

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