Environmentally Sensitive

Hoot ANR for the Most Environmentally Sensitive areas in California

After 10 years of development and millions of dollars spent in research and 3rd party testing with NSF.  Hoot proved what was previously discovered through research. Cost effective, efficient Nitrogen Reduction to below 10 mg/L can be achieved. 

Early 2008, Hoot Treatment Systems introduced the ANR-Series.  Together with advanced aeration and time re-circulation, the Hoot ANR-Series utilizes a patent-pending process that adds a food, carbon-based additive to provide the necessary off-gassing of Nitrogen.  The entire additive dosing process is effectively managed by a computer controller that monitors system flow to ensure proportional dosing based on need and provides reliable Nitrogen Reduction performance for a range of TN influent strengths from 35-75 mg/L.

Our Hoot ANR-Series Treatment Systems are best suited for the most sensitive Environments with little or no organic content separation to the seasonal high water table or ground water.  This level of performance provides the most nitrogen reduction per dollar, and ensures a healthy aquatic and drinking water environment, it is the only treatment system producing effluent that meets Federal Drinking Water Standards.

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