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The first “Complete” Advanced Septic Treatment System!

Hoot BNR-Series is essentially a residential sized municipal wastewater treatment plant that can fit in your backyard. The patented Hoot Septic Treatment System is a complete five-stage, activated-sludge aerobic treatment unit that uses advanced aeration and time re-circulation to effectively process and treat the wastewater from your property. The safe, clean, treated water is then reused in landscape irrigation with subsurface drip tubing or any other chosen method of hydro dispersal.

Perfect for challenging sites like:

Small lots
Steep Slopes

Poor Soils
High Groundwater

The simple “One-Piece” Design of the Hoot Aerobic Treatment System saves installation time, and your money.  Because you only need one tank, your installer simply digs one hole, hooks up the inlet, the discharge system, the electrical connections and it is ready to run.

The HOOT BNR-Series provides a high level of performance at a price better than any other performance-based system. Best suited for applications with reduced organic soil contact, some surface plant growth and/or a reduced depth to groundwater.

Certified to the NSF/ANSI Standard-40, the HOOT BNR-Series provides up to 98% reduction of both the BOD and TSS while reducing Total Nitrogen by up to 60%

Carbonaceous 5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Systems are available in either pumped distribution or gravity flow discharge with sizes ranging from 600 to 1200 GPD standard or traffic rated. Optional ultraviolet disinfection light available.

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