Small lot! No room for advanced treatment.


No room for septic? If you live in Santa Cruz County on a “postage-size” lot or own a beautiful boutique winery in Napa, California you understand septic sizing issues.


In many situations the Hoot Septic Treatment System can be designed and reinforced to provide a safe place for vehicle driveway or parking.  By utilizing the Hoot “all in one” compact design combined with its solid concrete construction. Engineers are able to design a complete, County approved septic system design that allows cars or trucks to drive and/or park upon it.  All Hoot Tanks are watertight, suitable for moderate and traffic loading conditions, and environmentally friendly.  With standard and customizable options, these tanks are the optimal choice when municipal sewers are not an option.

Available features include grade rings & risers, lifters and pumps to best fit our project.

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