Hoot Alarms

Alarms are required on any type of septic system that has a pump on it to let homeowners know when there is a problem with their system.
Our Hoot System has two types of alarms:
  • Visual – A red light that illuminates when the alarm triggers
  • Audio – A constant, high-pitched buzz or beep that sounds when the alarm triggers
If your alarm turns on, don’t panic – it is usually not an emergency. The sound may be loud, but you can silence the audio alarm by pressing the silence button on the Hoot Controller door.

NOTE: Pressing the silence button stops the alarm sound only. It does not turn the alarm off. You’ll notice the status light will stay illuminated even when the sound is off and will stay on until the issue that triggered the alarm is solved. Here are a few things you can check yourself:

  • Your home’s circuit breaker. If the breaker connected to your Hoot system has been tripped, set it back in place and see if the alarm turns off.
  • Confirm all exposed equipment and lines are clean and in proper working order.

What do I do next?

If everything seems fine.  Call Superior On-Site Solutions at 877-669-4668 and do not attempt any further troubleshooting on your own.  Your locally approved Hoot service provider may service your system immediately, or may request that you wait to see if the alarm stays on for 24 hours. If your system is on a timer, it may just be that it needs to pump down after the timer turns on the pump; if this is the case, the alarm will turn off after it pumps down.  Anytime your alarm is on for 24 hours or more, call your maintenance provider.