Septic vs. Sewer

Septic Problem

The homeowner was shocked when she was informed that connecting to the local sewer system was not only rejected by the County.  An approved variance and sewer approval would cost upwards of $100,000.00.  In addition to the extra cost, the installation of the sewer line and connections to the home would add 30+ days to the build time.

Septic Solution

Marc Lindbloom of Lindbloom Septic Designs in Auburn, California suggested the Hoot BNR H-600 Advanced Wastewater Treatment System. 

In addition to the immediate 95% in cost saving and two day instillation. Its compact design, easy fit in the small yard. He also suggested using GeoFlow Drip Tubing so the clean household wastewater could assist with the landscaping irrigation.  An additional plus the happy homeowner didn’t expect.

Project Details

Project Engineer
Marc Lindbloom R.E.H.S
Lindbloom Septic Design

Regulation Authority
Sacramento County, California

Primary Treatment
Hoot BNR H600 Advanced Wastewater Treatment Tank

Secondary Treatment
None Needed or Required

Dispersal Method
Geoflow Drip Tubing

Superior On-Site Solutions

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