Power Outage

An electrical outage is most common in the rural areas, however they can happen at anytime and anywhere. Like other electrical appliance in your home, the HOOT system uses electricity to operate and will not operate properly until power is restored. It is important to curve your water usage. If you continue to use water by flushing toilets, washing dishes, and taking showers, your HOOT System will continue to fill. Be water wise during a power outage. Your HOOT System is designed to have about a one-day supply of emergency storage space in the pump chamber, so it is important to reduce and limit your water usage to a minimum, especially if you don’t know when power will be restored.

When power is restored, make sure that power to your HOOT system is also restored. Check that the blower is on and that the front panel lights are also on. Check for any tripped circuit breakers, as needed.

When power is restored, if your HOOT system’s high-water alarm sounds, effluent (sewage) has filled the reserve storage area of your pump chamber. The system will automatically go into a PUMP ON mode to lower the water level and clear the high-water setting. To silence the audible alarm, simply press the SILENCE ALARM button on the front of your HOOT control panel. Your system will generally clear the high-water alarm within 24 hours, although it depends on how much water the system has to dispose of.

If the alarm continues to sound FOR LONGER THAN 24 HOURS, contact your Authorized HOOT Service Provider. If your power is off for more than one day, allow your system additional time to recover. Continue to conserve water for another day or more to allow the microbial population to function effectively.

Questions about your system? Give us a call! We are here to help.