Hoot Septic can help to keep your yard green

California has always been open to creative ways to protect our beautiful environment. Here in Northern California protecting the watershed is also of vital importance.

SOS chose the Hoot Septic Systems not because of its simple “one piece tank” design. But because the water (effluent) leaving the system is so clean, we recommend using it to reduce the need for landscaping irrigation on your property and to help replenish the groundwater.

Although there are many discharge methods, not all are available or appropriate for your site or County requirements. We recommend using GeoFlow Drip Tubing in California. Drip Dispersal is one of the most universal and flexible methods to return the treated wastewater back into the environment and is approved in many Counties in California. Installation takes place 6-12” below the ground, in the beneficial root zone of grasses and other ground coverings. In areas that are nitrogen sensitive, and uptake of an additional 25% of nitrogen can be achieved, even when exposed ground cover is dormant. Treated wastewater is filtered and then discharged through tubing that is ½” tall, which is 6 to 18” lower in profile than most other drain fields. This “reduction” in systems height allow for reductions or even elimination of mounds and maintains a larger vertical separation to limiting soil layers and groundwater. Treated water is dispersed evenly throughout the entire drain fields, each dose, unlike gravity systems, which intensively load the front of drain fields, leading to a “creeping failure” effect.

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