Superior On-Site Solutions along with Hoot Treatment Systems brings to California 30+ years of experience in the Commercial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Industry.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide a wastewater treatment solution that fits your needs.

Because of our Engineering, Design and Contractor background we can assist in creating a wastewater design that fits your needs and is based upon the discharge results and Regulator requirements of the site.

We offer true “operator controlled” package treatment plants that include adjustments for Aeration, Recirculation Rates, Sludge and Clarifier Return and other parameters

Hoot Commercial Treatment Systems can be designed to California State Standard and beyond.  For treatment systems that exceeds 50,000 GPD, we have relationships with major international players in the wastewater treatment industry to bring you the HOOT-TEC Treatment line of Rotating Biological Contactors with a reduced footprint and automated process control.

Depending on the size of the system, treatment level required and disposal method, these systems come as either precast modules or poured in place.  In many cases our equipment can be used to retrofit and upgrade existing systems that need expansion or no longer meet the ever changing discharge parameters.

For the Most Environmentally Sensitive Environments, we offer Ceramic Membrane Filtration of the final effluent to provide performance guarantees where protection group and surface water quality are of paramount concern.

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