In 2005 we introduced California to the Hoot Aerobic Septic Treatment System. Our “Complete One-Tank” Advanced Septic Treatment System was a first for California and it’s challenging environmental issues like poor soils, small lots, steep slopes and high groundwater. 

Our tanks are manufactured by local Pre-casters with these requirements. All tanks are Cost effective, Energy efficient, made of Durable concrete construction and Recycle content.

Septic Treatment sizes range from small “one-piece” residential sized unit to our larger scalable commercial and municipal wastewater treatment systems.

Hoot BNR H-600 Septic Tank

Hoot ANR H-600 Septic Tank

Commercial / Municipal / Neighborhoods

Hoot Neighborhoods

Septic Applications

Renovations / Repairs / New Construction

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Small Business

Commercial / Municipal / Neighborhoods

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