Septic Problem:

The family’s septic mound system was not only “unsightly.”  But when it failed, it became a health hazard as well. Having a small lot located close to Northern California waterways and a young family with a tight budget, cost was definitely an issue.

Septic Solution:

Septic Engineer David Dauwalder suggested installing the HOOT BNR H600 Advanced Treatment System. The BNR H600 is a Complete “One Tank” Wastewater Treatment System that provides a high level of performance at a price better than other performance-based systems.

Project Details

Project Engineer
David Dauwalder P.E.

Regulation Authority
Yolo County, California

Primary Treatment
Hoot BNR H600 Advanced Wastewater Treatment Tank

Secondary Treatment
None Needed or Required

Dispersal Method
Geoflow Drip Tubing

Superior On-Site Solutions

Certified to the NSF/ANSI Standard-40, the Hoot BNR-Series Provides up to a 98% reduction of both BOD and TSS while reducing Total Nitrogen by up to 60%.

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